We sincerely believe Quality has no cost; Quality is the only investment that pays off at the quickest time. No buyer wants to compromise on Quality neither do we Everyday buyers are asking for higher quality level. We are striving to raise the bar and achieving that. From the original materials to finished products, for each step we have already set up the quality the quality control system for controlling the whole procedures. For assigned skillful technicians to check the quality of our products through the testing equipment to firm follow up the basic principle of “Honesty first, quality foremost.” Before accommodate the final inspection request to buyer; our own RQS team conducts a through inspection under Traffic Light System and AQL 1.5 or 2.5 as per respected buyer’s requirement.
In the Dynamic & Complex selling mechanism, no buyer can afford delay shipment. As such, we have changed our production system fully on planning based. For all new orders, planning comes first for smooth execution of an order, planning department allocates Machine & Manpower from Knitting to Finishing. Resultantly, we achieved 98% on time delivery performance.
As a good corporate citizen, we are participating in different charitable and philanthropic activities, like supporting education of poor students, treatment for poor & free distribution of sweater to poor people at winter season.
Undoubtedly Pioneer has the largest set up in Bangladesh. We put only 360 sets Jacquard Machine, where we could easily accommodate more than 500 Machine. The specious production set up not only created hygienic working environment, but also boasted up the productivity. There is no building at production facility; as such there is no building collapse risk or fire risk. Despite having the pre-fabricated steel structure, we have enough fire equipment and trained work force to handle fire risk.


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